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Korsh’s Private Theatre

In April 1892 Levitan ran into Chekhov in front of Korsh’s Theatre and demanded an explanation why the writer had caricatured him and his mistress Sophia Kuvshinikova in his story “The Grasshopper.” Chekhov sharply replied that he didn’t owe him … Continue reading

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Along Malaya Dmitrovka Street

In Moscow it’s still possible to imagine what it was like to walk its streets in the late 19th century. Today, I strolled up Malaya Dmitrovka, a street closely associated with Chekhov throughout his life. I used as my guide, … Continue reading

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Levitan at the Tretyakov Gallery

I decided to take a break from the archives and go see the Levitan paintings at the Tretyakov. In 1879 the business magnate and art patron Pavel Tretyakov paid 100 rubles for Levitan’s painting “Autumn Day, Sokolniki,” which he saw … Continue reading

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Levitan’s Studio

On Sunday I visited Levitan’s home and studio off Tryokhsvyatitelny (Three Prelates) Lane. In 1889 Sergei Morozov, a wealthy Moscow entrepreneur, gave Levitan the use of detached building next to his grand mansion located in a fashionable, secluded part of … Continue reading

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The Lenin Library

On Saturday I plunged into working at the Russian State Library. Getting into the library is a somewhat elaborate process: first, there is a checkpoint at which you scan your reader card, then you walk up to the checkroom to … Continue reading

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Moscow June 15, 2013

I’m nicely settled in at my digs on Kutuzovsky Prospect. It’s a large room in anapartment, although my host isn’t around very much so I have pretty much the run of the place. I have a balcony that looks out onto … Continue reading

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Blog Access Blocked in Russia

While starting my work in the archives has gone very smoothly, it was a shock to discover that I couldn’t access my blog because many Russian internet providers have blocked all subdomains of WordPress “by a decision of the organs of government authority.” … Continue reading

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State Archive of Literature & Art

After a series of e-mail exchanges, the staff of RGALI (the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art) has let me know that the documents I’ve requested are being set aside for me and will be available when I make … Continue reading

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